ADVEO in France

ADVEO Group has been present in France since 1990, although some of the companies forming it date back to 1950. In 2013 both parent companies (Spicers and Adimpo) created ADVEO France, becoming the leading wholesaler in the office supplies market, both in traditional and electronic products, with an extensive catalogue of products and services. ADVEO France has a value proposal for its customers. Its brands Calipage and Plein Ciel are the first and second operator, respectively, in the French market for own brand office supplies. The inclusion in 2013 of Buro+ has strengthened its credibility among customers and has generated a new business with a recognised brand. Furthermore, the CARIP procurement centre offers benefits to its associates in procurement management. All of these reasons, together with its excellent logistic service and dense capillarity make ADVEO France the best option for its customers.

Main amounts 2015

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Sales per Product and Channel

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Strengthening of its position and sales of office products In the Office Products segment (excluding EOS) ADVEO France has registered a growth of 2.5% in 2015. This evolution is above the market trends given that the wholesale channel has dropped by 5%. This confirms that ADVEO France continues consolidating its presence in the market thanks to its three brands, Calipage, Plein Ciel and Buro+ (30 new associates joined one of these three brands in 2015) and its more than 70 new clients (both shops and B2B). The ADVEO concept offers several advantages for distributors: an extensive and diversified catalogue, a high level of service (both in terms of delivery time and execution of the order) and a very dynamic marketing programme. Portfolio diversification The catalogue has been extended with 370 new products, mainly in the areas of hygiene, professional protection equipment, catering and packaging, which has made it possible to capture new clients and has led to a 13% growth in these categories. Growth among large retail outlet clients ADVEO France has extensive experience in the sale of ink and toner to large retail outlets, thanks to the quality of its deliveries, the guidance it offers and the ability to adapt the offer to the needs of these outlets. As a result, ADVEO occupies the second position in France in this segment of clients, and is a partner of many French large retail outlets. In 2015, ADVEO France has boosted its sales thanks to promotional campaigns, and has strengthened its position while at the same time capturing another large retail outlet as a new client. All of this has allowed ADVEO France to grow by 4.3%, reaching 92 million euros in this segment.