ADVEO in Iberia

ADVEO Spain, which dates from 1976, is the only business unit formed by the former Adimpo, Unipapel (nonindustrial part) and Spicers, constituting a single operating model. On the other hand, ADVEO Digital Systems Portugal started operating in the wholesale Portuguese market with its own legal entity in 2010 after several years’ operation in Spain. Both companies are leaders in their respective countries, offering a catalogue with over 20,000 references and a logistics coverage which reaches the whole peninsula.

Sales per Product and Channel

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New incorporations into the team ADVEO Iberia’s team structure has been strengthened (new Managing Director, Logistics Director, HR Director, Financial Director and Marketing Director together with a lighter Marketing & Merchandising structure). These changes respond to the need to focus on clients, offering them greater service and flexibility. Furthermore, a new management model has been implemented and there is a simpler structure. Sales campaigns Specific campaigns have been developed to promote sales and obtain greater volume. On the one hand a negotiation plan has been put in motion with the main purchasing groups and centres in Spain, and as a result, ADVEO has become their major wholesaler. This will bring a significant increase in sales in 2016 (19.6 million euros in 2016 compared to the 15.7 million in 2015, that is, a 25% increase). Negotiation is carried out jointly but worked on individually with the sales teams of the members of these groups to ensure their targets are met. On the other hand, sales campaigns have been carried out for the major clients (Premium clients) of each area. Thus, with these campaigns, clients work under the umbrella of ADVEO, which puts at its disposal the best tools and special conditions to compete with the great market operators. Calipage 15 new dealers have been integrated in the Calipage network during 2015. These incorporations have made Calipage the second leading independent brand of office supplies suppliers in Spain and the first in Europe. In Spain there are already 106 Calipage points of sale and there are plans to continue its expansion in 2016 with a new website and new marketing initiatives, as is being carried out in other countries of the Group to reach 2017 with 60 new members. Ink and Toner In the Ink and Toner product segment ADVEO Iberia has closed the financial year leading the market quota for Brother (32.5%) in all kinds of client segments, whereas for HP (36%) and Epson (32%) it leads the client segment known as ‘unattended’. Monthly sales per client Average sales per client for the fourth quarter of the year have increased by 6%. This data is evidence that the decisions of the new ADVEO Iberia team, incorporated at the end of September, are on the right track. Over the coming years, a marketing strategy will be implemented to strengthen the value proposition for the different channels and thus increase customer loyalty, generating recurring income.