Our brands

ADVEO has several brands (among Calipage, Plein Ciel, Buro+, CARIP, Pergamy and 5*), that cater to the different business realities and opportunities, taking advantage of the scale and synergies derived by being part of big pan-european group such as ADVEO.


Calipage, created in 1995 in France, is the most representative office material and stationery supplies network in Europe. ADVEO firmly believes in this crucial business division, with which we can reach the end customer through a high capillarity specialised network. This allows us to understand consumer tendencies and to offer our suppliers an in depth sales channel's product distribution system, becoming an unrivalled ally to build your brands. Our wish is to continue to improve this network in various countries, with new openings and marketing initiatives to strengthen your growth and positioning and to obtain bigger profits for the members of such network.

Plein Ciel

Plein Ciel, created in 1956, is an office material and stationery supplies network present only in France, where it shares leadership with Calipage. The network has different distribution formats (Hyper Plein Ciel, Plein Ciel Expert and Plein Ciel city format) to better answer all individual and company office material and school demands.


Buro+ debuted in 1948 in France, joining ADVEO in 2013. Buro+ is a network distributing office material and computer consumables in France, with more than 15,000 products in its catalogue.


5* is ADVEO's brand of office material and school supplies established in Europe more than 20 years ago. It boasts a broad portfolio of quality products at attractive prices. With more than 1,500 products and new arrivals each year, 5* offers all kind of writing, paper, archive and printing material, even cleaning products and many other to meet the professional environment daily needs.


Pergamy is a brand exclusive to ADVEO that was born to satisfy the day-to-day, school and office supplies needs of our customers in a reliable and attractive way. It offers a range of constantly evolving products across the different stationary, office and school supplies categories. All Pergamy products have been conceived to make every day a bit more enjoyable and unique for our customers, offering them the products they need with an attractive design and a proven quality to match the performance of major brands, all while caring for their budget.