ADVEO in Germany

ADVEO was born in Germany from two leading companies in their respective areas of business, Spicers and Adimpo,present in the market for over a decade. From the warehouses in Hannover and Nuremberg, they serve all of Germany and Austria in 24 hours.
Their leadership in both business categories make ADVEO the only German company combining both categories, EOS and TOS. It is also a benchmark for its partners due to its extensive catalogue and the excellent service provided.

Main amounts 2015

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Launch of Calipage in Austria

The launch of the Calipage concept in Austria with seven associates has been an essential milestone for sales growth in this country.

With a catalogue comprising 18,000 references, Calipage offers the widest range of office and stationery supplies in the Austrian market.

The new members of the Calipage network share common identifying traits, including professional support and customer service.

Two-figure growth in Facility Management products

In 2015, ADVEO Germany focused on the sales campaign for Facility Management products, and it is doing the same in 2016. In 2015 the training sessions (ADVEO Academy) for these products were started with a view to strengthening sales. Sales will continue to consolidate thanks to the extension of this portfolio of products, the catalogue and the mentioned training sessions that will also take place in 2016.

Presentation of the new marketing plan

At the end of November, the more than 1,000 visitors attending ADVEO World were shown the new marketing plan for 2016. The marketing leaflet, with more than 80 pages, showed clients and vendors how the new strategy materialises in sales. With this new approach, ADVEO Germany is focusing more on end B2B consumers and thus providing more help to its clients.

Growth of the e-tail segment

Over the last three years, ADVEO Germany has developed the e-tail and long tail client segments. 2015 closed with a profit of 35 million euros, representing a growth of more than 40%. Over these three years, the income for this segment has doubled and a strong growth in sales, margins and number of products is expected.

Headquarter and locations

Gretlade 1, 31319 Sehnde-Höver
(+49) 5132 929 0
Nürnberg (Logistik)
Schlagwiesen 1, 90610 Winkelhaid