Create your own marketing measures

One tool for newsletters, promotions, fliers …

With the  OSCARtools you have web based application, which offers you a myriad of possibilities to engage the customer.

You don't need any specific graphic design knowledge to design your own promotions, fliers or advertisements using  OSCARtools. Excel in front of your customer with individual offers and separate yourself from the competition. 

Fashion your own monthly newsletter with alternating articles.

With only one order you can utilize two output channels. Create an order with two pdf qualities. Send a HTML-file with a direct link to your online shop. This way you have the option of making offers and novelties even easier to order.

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What OSCARtools has to offer

» Order management  – Orders: create, duplicate, export or delete

» For commercial use

» Use your own pricing

» Access to your own retail stamps from the order and print portal

» Large selection of backgrounds  and price graphics

» The background can be changed by page

» Articles can be found with various search criteria

» Additional pictures and logos from our database

» Upload of your own pictures, graphics or backgrounds

» Creation and management of your own products

» Output in various PDF qualities

» Upload of address lists

» Newsletter de-registration function