The Adveo 2017 catalogue hot off the press!

The brand-new Adveo catalogue went into print last Friday. This catalogue is the result of months of hard work in order to guarantee the best possible results for our customers and their customers. It is a mission that has ended in success. At Adveo we are proud of our ‘Office and stationery bible’ - and for good reason!

Every single product in the catalogue has been reviewed and reconsidered. What should remain? What should be added? How can we offer our customers the best possible range? Adveo is fully aware of the fact that needs evolve over the years. We experience, for example, an increase each year in the demand for facility products, a product group that provides greater efficiency, job satisfaction and professionalism. Products like snacks, soft drinks, coffee, tea, water, hygienic items and furniture have also become an essential part of our range.

Following a meticulous selection process, no fewer than 12,931 products and 792 pages have been combined in an attractive layout with a modern and high-quality look & feel. The final step was to ensure a compact format, so that our catalogue can be held comfortably in the hand and is easy to leaf through.  The catalogue team personally watched the printing of all copies last week.  They were excited to see the final result which turned out perfectly. The Adveo 2017 catalogue flew off the press at an impressive 16 metres of paper per second and it looks fantastic!

From the very first brainstorming session to the delivery to the reseller, everyone at Adveo has put their all into making the 2017 catalogue a shining example of a top-quality catalogue. Eager to obtain a copy? You do not have to wait long! The final touches on the catalogue are being made this week and it will be sent to resellers mid-December.

Printing the catalogue

The Adveo Benelux catalogueThe Calipage catalogueThe neutral cover 1 The neutral cover 2The Office Deal cover

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