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The fastest way to your catalogue: Order your promotional material online!

Order, manage and organise your catalogues and campaigns using the order and print portal: No more missing order deadlines or tedious searches for order forms. All print media is stored and can be ordered all year round. Use this advantage for your marketing plan.

Profit from these advantages:

» Save time by ordering online

» Less management through uniform order interface

» Be reminded of pending marketing campaigns and projects.

» Orders are possible at any time, as the portal is online

» Constant access to existing orders and management of print data

» Upload of new print data in pdf-format

» Usage of print data in OSCARtools to create your own Promotion

5 steps to your promotional material:

» Sign in to the order and print portal

» Navigate through a multitude of promotional material and choose the desired product

» Complete order form and save your personal data

» Choose retailer stamp

» You will find your finished material in the preview with your personal stamp: If everything is to your satisfaction send order!

Order your promotional material now over the order and print portal. The eService Team will be happy to assist you by phone: +49 5132 929-300 or by Mail: eservice.de@adveo.com.