Your own webshop with access to the full ADVEO range of products.

What is OSCARnet?

With OSCARnet, ADVEO offers a powerful webshop tool that gives you access to ADVEO's full range of products. You make your own selection of the products you want to sell. The webshop offers you the possibility to centralize all your orders, available 24/7 and easy to forward to ADVEO by a simple click. Our IT team is always available to provide you with support when you have questions or in case of problems.

OSCARnet can be personalized with products, codes, descriptions and images. You can register each customer individually, with username and password. Furthermore, you can add your own products and adjust your sales prices depending on the final consumer.

The database will be maintained by ADVEO and kept up to date at all times. Thanks to the daily monitoring of the competition’s sales prices, you are always dealing at the right price point.

The tool uses Back Office systems like DBfact, Logistics, Exact, Account view, Snelstart, Abis, etc. This avoids cumbersome and unnecessary administration.